Ashia Aubourg

Ashia is a food justice advocate, writer, small business owner, recipe developer, and creative.


I have been intrigued by food since a young girl. For a while, I aspired to be a professional chef but after testing out the waters, I realized that was not the path for me.

I struggled with finding a path: a foodie who did not want to work in a kitchen, yet loved the idea of food. It was not until I stumbled upon an undergraduate program at Syracuse University called Food Studies & Policy Studies where I felt like I could truly excel. I became the first declared Food Studies major at Syracuse University where my research/passion focused on empowering communities through food.

As a Black woman with African American, Haitian & Bermudan roots, it has always been important for me to establish a community that understands the importance of food as nourishment, but also as justice, healing, and culture. Nourished Palate was founded with the desire to cultivate an online platform highlighting all aspects of food and to build a collective surrounding it.

Food is such an important aspect of our lives. I cannot stress this more. All posts from this space come from the heart and from life experiences. These experiences might come from when I am feeling my utmost joy, exploring a new part of the world, broke on a budget, or even coping with hard times. For me food is therapy, food is power and most importantly food is love. I hope to inspire you to use food as a powerful tool to help strengthen yourself, relationships, and ultimately the world around you. For me, it is important that you visit this space and leave having found a deeper appreciation and love for food.

Nourished Palate is all about cultivating mindsets and palates; where food is love.